We are business leaders focused on advancing federal and state policies that enable hard-working and talented people from around the world to achieve complete economic integration in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


The Massachusetts Business Immigration Coalition (MBIC) brings together business leaders from across the Commonwealth to educate their peers and government officials about federal and state policies that ensure companies have the talent they need at all levels of training. MBIC advocates for policies that foster complete economic integration of foreign born talent and sustained prosperity for all. We are committed to the success of immigrants in our economy as workers, consumers, entrepreneurs, residents, consumers, investors, residents and citizens.

“From high tech to construction, health care to hospitality, immigrants are vital to Massachusetts’ economy. The xenophobic agenda coming out of Washington poses a direct threat to our position as a global hub of innovation and productivity. As business leaders, we cannot stand on the sidelines.”

Thomas N. O’Brien, Managing Director of The HYM Investment Group, LLC & Co-Chair, MBIC



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