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Moves on Business Visas are an Attack on the US Economy, US Workers and Massachusetts Innovation

In a single proclamation yesterday, President Trump extended his April order sharply curtailing legal immigration to the U.S.– including all family-based migration except for spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens – until December 31, and suspended key employment-based visas until the year’s end. Based on fiscal 2019 data, the Migration Policy Institute has estimated that 167,000 workers will be affected by the visa suspension; another 158,000 people will be barred from entry based on the extension of the immigration ban.

The Massachusetts Business Immigration Coalition (MBIC), led by its Co-Chair Thomas N. O'Brien (photo above) (who is Managing Director of HYM Investment Group) issued the following statement:

The Trump Administration has launched another senseless attack on the US economy, American workers and Massachusetts innovation with this reckless approach to business immigration policy. US policy has taken yet another step toward long-term damage to one of the fundamental strengths of the Massachusetts economy: hard-working, talented and highly skilled people. Our innovative companies attract the best and brightest from all over the world and need their talent and skill to develop products and services that shape the quality of life we know as Americans. Studies show that the kinds of roles for which our businesses make use of these rigorous via programs are job creators for many US citizens and residents. We need federal policy that is informed, sensible, clear and supportive of innovation and job growth. The talent we turn away will go elsewhere and drive growth in another country, setting in motion a pattern that will hurt all of us for a long period of time. We urge that the Trump Administration reconsider immediately.

For more information about the MBIC see Here is a list of its members:

MBIC Members List June 2020
Download PDF • 133KB

MBIC is a program created and managed by the MIRA Coalition with support from its members and the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley.

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