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Introducing MBIC - the Massachusetts Business Immigration Coalition.

Thomas N. O'Brien, Managing Director, The HYM Investment Group and Co-Chair of the Massachusetts Business Immigration Coalition


I am proud to introduce the MBIC - the Massachusetts Business Immigration Coalition.

We are business leaders focused on advancing federal and state policies that enable hard-working and talented people from around the world to achieve complete economic integration in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

From high tech to construction, health care to hospitality, immigrants are vital to Massachusetts’ economy. The xenophobic agenda coming out of Washington poses a direct threat to our position as a global hub of innovation and productivity. As business leaders, we cannot stand on the sidelines.

Over one million people, or 16.5% percent of the Massachusetts population (and 20% of workers) in the Commonwealth was born in another country. Immigrants and refugees living in Massachusetts have over $31 billion in spending power each year, earn $42.9 billion a year and pay $8.4 billion in federal and $3.5 billion in local and state taxes, plus Social Security and Medicare. 68,700 entrepreneurs in Massachusetts, or one-fifth of the total, are foreign-born; they employ over 134,000 people and generate $1.9 billion in business income. (Source: Immigrants are Our Commonwealth, MIRA Coalition, 2018)

We will educate fellow members of the business community and advocate for policy solutions that are supportive to our regional economy, the companies here – and the hard-working, talented workforce that we all rely upon for success. In the days and months ahead, we will produce a specific legislative agenda based on the broad principles articulated on this website. We will bring our peers and partners together to more deeply understand problems and solutions, and we will seek results.

As a Co-Chair of this new and growing coalition, I ask you to join us, support us, and follow us. Email us today at Whether you are the CEO of a global company, owner of a small business or somewhere in between, this is an opportunity for you. It is time to speak up about the workforce we treasure and the predictable, steady access to talent that we require in order to deliver the innovation, economic growth and quality of life that Massachusetts is known for all over the world. On behalf of our distinguished members and supporters - and my Co-Chair Eva Millona, I look forward to making good things happen, together.

Tom  Thomas N. O’Brien

Managing Director

The HYM Investment Group

Co-Chair, Massachusetts Business Immigration Coalition

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